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Alright. Honesty Hour.
I STRUGGLE with consistency. I know I’m not the only one. We all “fall off” in some way or another in life, but it’s hurting my writing.

I’m one of those people who cannot have a zero day. I just can’t. A zero day means losing momentum and thus, consistency. I’ve only recently realized this about myself, and it’s a bit embarrassing to be honest.


When I first started my account on Instagram, I posted five times a day, every single day, without fail. This served to grow my account quickly, yes, but it was really just fun to finally have an outlet for all of my writing knowledge. At the time, I was between jobs and attempting to freelance. I had recently completed a bachelor’s degree and hadn’t found a good job yet. So, I had time. Then, I went back to school to complete a second bachelor’s degree, and on the way, I found a full-time job and put further education on the back burner. In short, I became busier and let myself get distracted. Ever since then, it’s been hard to get back to that initial level of consistency.


My novel writing suffered in a similar way. And to make matters worse, because I was writing less, I felt I had less to say on the subject of writing (which is entirely ridiculous in hindsight, but imposter syndrome is very real). So, I did the worst thing I could do, which was avoid, avoid, avoid. I put my writing and my Instagram out of my mind, convinced myself I had no time to do either, and succeeded only in feeling guilt and a build up of creative energy with no outlet.


Since I’m now aware of my short-comings, I can properly address them. I will make BEING CONSISTENT the priority, because consistency is an active thing, requiring daily effort to maintain. I can’t promise I won’t fall off again, but I won’t be afraid to climb back up when I do.

Do you struggle with being consistent? How do you keep things going?




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