The Writer’s Mentality


The Writer’s Mentality?

I’ve iterated many times that there is no one way to write or be a writer. Writers are people who write and that’s our only common denominator. But I got to thinking about something I’ve noticed about creatives in general, specifically writers, and I want to share it:
Writers feel the need to share their ideas with the world. 
I know that’s obvious, but let me explain. The need to communicate an idea, the compulsion to open one’s mind and pour out what is in it, whether it is personal, fantastical, real-life, or even scientific, is something I have noticed about all of the creative people I know. We can’t help it. Our desire to express ourselves will come out in some form or another. 
Also, I believe creatives feel the need to express ideas because the world needs to hear or experience them. 
That said, do all creatives express what’s inside them? Absolutely not, which is why I stress so much sharing what’s within. I feel it’s a disservice to oneself and the world at large if we don’t get to hear what you’ve got to say. There is so much wisdom, beauty, love, fun, so much healing and helping that is living in many many people’s minds with no outlet. For a large number, it’s because they may not have ever come across their best methods to create, but for those who know their best method and do not create, you are truly denying yourself and the world. And I’m 100% including myself in that number. There are so many reasons a person who writes may not be writing, including things like mental illness or tragedy, so I will not disparage someone who doesn’t. But the desire remains, even if it is deeply buried:
“I should be writing.”
It’s like a constant refrain. 
“I need to finish that story.”
“I need to finish that other story.”
“I need to work on that blog.”
The desire to write is there every day. The desire to share what’s within our hearts, minds, and souls does not go away. If I could condense the mentality of a writer down to one phrase it is this:
“I must share what I think with the world.”
However this manifests doesn’t matter. It can be a fantasy series, a collection of love poetry, a diary, a memoir, the list goes on. At the end of it, it’s all the same. We are all writers and we all have something to say. 

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